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Know how to apply for a Pan card, apply for a Reprint of Duplicate or Lost or Damaged pan card, apply for a Changes or Corrections in pan card details

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May 17, 2019

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Steps to Procure Duplicate PAN Card if you have Lost Your PAN Card
Tracking PAN Applications and Transactions
Who is allotted a Permanent Account Number?

Important Dates

  • Application Begin : 28/01/2009
  • Last Date For Enrollment :Not Available

Application Fee

  • 107 INR Application Fee for the PAN Card

A Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated card, by the Indian Income Tax Department

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PAN Card – Permanent Account Number (PAN) in India

Permanent Account Number or PAN, as it is commonly called, is a means of identifying various taxpayers in the country. PAN is a unique identification number assigned to Indians, mostly to those who pay tax. The PAN system of identification is a computer-based system that assigns unique identification number to every Indian tax paying entity. Through this method, all tax related information for a person is recorded against a single PAN number which acts as the primary key for storage of information. This is shared across the country and hence no two people on tax paying entities can have the same PAN.

The idea behind PAN is similar to the Social Security Number or SSN used in the United States. SSN in the US is a unique nine-digit number issued to all citizens of the US, permanent and temporary both. Although, the primary aim for SSN creation was to track individuals for social security purposes, it has now become a primary identification number for taxation processes.

Any PAN issued is valid for the entire lifetime of the PAN holder. This is so majorly because PAN is unaffected by any change of address of the PAN cardholder.

PAN Card Application

As mentioned in the section above, PAN Card Application can be made either online at the NSDL website or by applying at any of the district level PAN agencies. Applications for new PAN allotment as well as those for correction or change of information can all be made by customers. Form 49A is the form that needs to be filled and submitted for application of new PAN.

Additionally, there are ways to obtain duplicate PAN card in situations where an entity loses or misplaces the PAN card. Indians, foreigners and NRIs all can obtain PAN, although the forms and procedure may vary for each of these entities.

Application forms for new PAN and reprint of PAN are different. Once, a user makes any of the above applications with regards to PAN, he/she can track the status of PAN application via the acknowledgement number furnished by NSDL.

A PAN card can be applied for through the NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) as well as through the UTIISL (UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited). Applicants can submit their PAN card applications either offline or online.